Authentic Living with Roxanne welcomes Resilience Expert, Laura Lane

Resilience is a truly amazing thing…it keeps us going in the face of adversity and helps us get through life’s most difficult moments. Today on Authentic Living with Roxanne, we are thrilled to welcome Resiliency Expert, Laura Lane.   Laura is an inspired, loving, spiritual growth and development expert who has touched thousands through her powerful stories … Read more

Authentic Living with Roxanne welcomes Connections Expert, Barb Stuhlemmer

On this episode of Authentic Living with Roxanne, we welcome “Connections Expert”, Barb Stuhlemmer. In her 30+ years with small incorporated businesses, Barb Stuhlemmer has seen exactly how owners struggle to balance the requirements of growing a business with the financial and time restrictions that growth brings.  Barb has developed a unique process for owners who … Read more

Roxanne is giving away coaching packages for the event… Buy your ticket and you can win one of 5 coaching packages…..

Have you bought your ticket to the Authentic Leadership Event? I’m giving away coaching packages for the event!  Save your spot now and you’re be eligible for one of our 5 coaching programs. At the Authentic Leadership event you’ll learn how to network at an exponential level: Understand how to engage our younger workforce, Understand … Read more

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