Finding Your WHY and the ROR: Return On Relationshipswith Jevon Wooden

Finding Your WHY and the ROR: Return On Relationships with Roxanne Derhodge and Jevon Wooden

Quote: “We have to take those hard moments and see what lessons can be learned and what can be applied from them, because that’s where the growth happens.” Jevon Wooden

As we go through life, many of us are searching for our purpose or our reason to keep improving.  Leaders are no different. They must also realize what it takes to become an effective and empathetic leader. This can only be done when they recognize their own “why”. On this episode of Authentic Living with Roxanne, we’re thrilled to welcome Jevon Wooden to share his story of struggle and how he found the reason to turn his life around. And how finding your WHY can help make you a better leader.

Jevon is a dynamic coach and growth strategist, speaker, author, and Army Veteran who is passionate about leadership, growth strategy, and helping motivated leaders and businesses achieve their goals. He earned his master’s degree in cybersecurity from Fordham University and his MBA from the Robert H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland, drawing on his 12 years of experience in the military to hone his expertise in all aspects of leadership and peak performance under the highest possible stakes.

Watch the video here: Finding Your WHY and the ROR: Return On Relationshipswith Jevon Wooden

Listen to the podcast here: Finding Your WHY and the ROR: Return On Relationshipswith Jevon Wooden

Authentic Touch Points:

  • Jevon’s journey to military life. 1:45
  • Finding structure and pushing through. 5:30
  • Connecting to your WHY. 10:30
  • It only takes one person to see your value. 15:00
  • Empathy in leadership is a must. 22:00
  • Leaders have impact. 29:00
  • Opening the dialogue to improvement. 32:00
  • Tips to get started. 36:00

Jevon’s mission is to help others discover their true potential, define success on their own terms, and pursue their greatness despite seemingly insurmountable challenges. His remarkable business growth and personal development ideas have been featured in top publications such as Entrepreneur, Fast Company, Foundr, Forbes, and Verizon. 

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Jevon’s book: Own Your Kingdom: How To Increase Your Confidence, Build Your Self-Esteem, And Control Your Destiny:  Canada US
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