About Roxanne

Mental Health and Wellness Expert, Registered Psychotherapist, Corporate Consultant, Keynote Speaker, Trainer and Author

Roxanne has the Ability to read people of all levels, understand strategic needs, and motivate individuals to excel at their maximum.

At age two, I remembered there being a lot of love around me. I was born in the tiny village of Diamond, on the south end of Trinidad and Tobago. I was surrounded by an extended family full of live. That perfect illusion was shattered when I felt the tension between my parents at my young age. They had 6 kids by the time my mom was 29 and my dad just 34.

I went to a Primary school called Grant School where I excelled. I made a lot of friends, but I always wished that things could be better at home and remember envying the kids that had quiet homes but never think about living without my parents. Once, my Uncle and Aunt in Texas who had no children wanted to adopt me, but my parents loved all 6 of us but could not get their act together. At this young age of 9 or so I realized that I wanted to connect to others and have peace of mind. My Great Grandmother lived in a little house behind ours and I would often spend hours with her, and I assume I could get lost in the peace with her.  It was at this point I got the nickname ”Chatterbox”…a name that would dictate my path into helping others.

Early, I found a passion for academics and excelled in school and found short periods of mental respite when I could achieve things at school.  I went to one of the top high schools on the island. I was a “Naps Girls”, another thing that inoculated to the pain at home. I excelled academically and then found my tribe in Naps, which helped me further gain resilience as a young teen. I remember thinking I want to help other little girls like myself someone day who did not have someone at home to talk to. The counselling at my school was non-existent. I started to be the one that could offer support to my friends under the Tamarind tree during lunch breaks.

Realizing that I did not want to be a doctor, lawyer, nurse or engineer, I thought, I wonder if I could get a job helping people. Hence, my foray into psychology and a career path I could not believe existed as a little girl in Trinidad. I have been privileged to work in psychotherapy starting at age 22 when I volunteered at the Sexual Assault Center and then the Metro Toronto Police at Victim Services.  My dream to help little girls and boys finally became a reality. I worked on qualifying as a family and couple’s therapist and eventually went on health and wellness consulting for 20 years.

I feel so privileged to be able to help others understand the importance of the core elements of Resilience. As a little girl I did not realize it, but I meandered through life garnering the things that made me a resilient person. I was a chatterbox, I connected with others when things got tough and I found my passions at an early age. My career has allowed me the gift of touching others who are trying to find their path in life.

I have written a book about my past relationships; A Therapist Insider’s Guide on Relationshipsand my brand is the Authentic Connection Movement. I am a keynote speaker and executive coach who works with organizations to create positive healthy changes.

I live in Niagara Falls, Ontario with my amazing teenage son R.J. and my second furry son Tigger. When I am not hanging out watching R.J. play golf, I can be found enjoying my amazing community, rich with friends and family.