Systemic Barriers and the ROR: Return On Relationships (Part 2) with Carolyn Treviño Jenkins

Systemic Barriers and the ROR: Return On Relationships (Part II) with Roxanne Derhodge and Carolyn Treviño Jenkins

Quote: “Your ability to focus on the positive every day makes a huge difference in the journey itself, but also on outcomes.” Carolyn Treviño Jenkins

Most of us have experienced some type of exclusion in our lives at one time or another and know the pain of feeling “less than”. Systemic Barriers are obstacles that place unequal value on individuals and communities and include racism, poverty, disparities in health, education and the criminal justice system. Many in society today are desperately trying to improve inclusion, but we still have a very long way to go. On this episode of Authentic Living with Roxanne, we are thrilled to welcome back Carolyn Treviño Jenkins to share her lived experiences of different systemic barriers and how she has overcome adversity and created something wonderful to help others.

This was such a great interview packed with so much inspirational information that we decided to turn it into a 2-part series. Here’s the link to Part 1

Carolyn is co-founder & CEO of We Are Here, a start-up blending human guidance and technology to help individuals affected by cancer reduce the impact to their finances, emotions and fatigue in order to improve outcomes. Carolyn is a serial tech entrepreneur and a cancer survivor. As a technology executive, she has led companies that won international recognition for outstanding customer success, as well as national awards for growth and cutting-edge work in people management. With over 25 years of experience, she has led companies through economic downturns, as well as through rapid growth (organic and M&A). As a serial entrepreneur, she has co-led multiple companies through successful fund raises and profitable exits with up to 10x return on capital. 

Watch the video here: Systemic Barriers and the ROR: Return On Relationships (Part II) with Carolyn Treviño Jenkins

Listen to the podcast here: Systemic Barriers and the ROR: Return On Relationships (Part II) with Carolyn Treviño Jenkins

Authentic Touch Points:

  • Carolyn’s career path. 2:00
  • Trying to create connection. 5:00
  • Coping with cancer in the boardroom. 11:00
  • Information overload. 16:00
  • A complex journey. 22:00
  • Individual solutions in the moment. 25:00
  • Find the joy. 27:30

Carolyn believes a culture of strategy execution and accountability can be achieved with servant and compassionate leadership. High performance has enabled Carolyn to break down gender and ethnic barriers. She is a mentor to many business leaders and is a frequent public speaker. She holds a Master of Business Administration from the University of Texas at Austin’s Red McCombs School of Business, and lives in Austin with her husband and two dogs.  She is the proud mother of three adult children.  Her passions are advocating for those with special needs, supporting the U.S. Coast Guard, and making meaningful connections for others.

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