Living Fearlessly with Lisa McDonald

Authentic Living with Roxanne host Roxanne Derhodge talks with author, b/vlogger, speaker, radio tv show host and coach, Lisa McDonald. Roxanne and Lisa discuss Lisa’s program “Living Fearlessly” where Lisa shares her passion of exploring obstacles and challenges that keep people from living abundant lives and guiding them to build a life that they love.  … Read more

Recognition is the Greatest Motivator

Listen to “Recognition is the Greatest Motivator” on Spreaker. On Authentic Living with Roxanne, host Roxanne Derhodge talks with author, certified coach and founder of Greatness Magnified Sarah McVanel.  Tune in to hear how Sarah helps leaders leverage the exponential power of recognition in business and your personal life. We’re on Global Voice Radio at: … Read more

Better Than She Used To Be…

Listen to “Better Than She Used To Be…” on Spreaker. Better than she used to be… Joining Roxanne Derhodge this week on Authentic Living with Roxanne, is trainer, entrepreneur, author and life coach Natalie Plamondon-Thomas. Tune in as she shares with Roxanne how after reaching the pinnacle as a fitness trainer, she strived for more … Read more

Kindness is Never Wasted

Listen to “Kindness is Never Wasted” on Spreaker. Authentic Living with Roxanne host Roxanne Derhodge is joined by certified trainer, speaker, executive coach and author Laurie Flasko. We will be discussing my work and philosophy regarding the role of kindness in bringing out the best in others and organizations. Listen as we discuss how to … Read more



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