How to Keep Your Employees Engaged with Jason Cochran (Part II)

keep your employees engaged with Roxanne Derhodge and Jason Cochran

Quote: “If we’re training these leaders and equipping them with the skills to really be collaborative problem solvers, to think deeply on the situation before acting, then that’s going to give you a higher probability of them pulling a plan together that’s going to work for the parties involved and come to a successful resolution.”  Jason Cochran

In order to have a productive team and retain your best talent, you must have strong leadership.  Strong leadership is created when you strive to maintain good relationships with your employees.  On this episode of Authentic Living with Roxanne we welcome psychologist and connection expert, Jason Cochran to share his strategies on how leaders can keep their employees engaged by teaching them effective leadership skills.

Last week, we aired Part I of my conversation with Jason Cochran where he shares some great strategies about keeping your employees engaged, productive and fulfilled.  If you missed it, you CLICK HERE to listen.  It’s not necessary to hear it before you listen to Part II, but you’ll want to catch all the great information that was shared.

This week we continue our chat where Jason and I discuss even more great ideas about how leaders can keep their employees engaged by teaching them effective leadership strategies.

Jason is a licensed psychologist of 15+ years and the co-founder of technology companies iAspire and Dulead in Indianapolis.  Fascinated with the exploration of human potential, Jason has devoted his life to building scalable solutions that attract, develop, and retain talent.  He also has hands-on experience working with organizations in education and business leading people, change, process improvement, and digital transformation in consulting roles.

Listen to the podcast here: How to Keep Your Employees Engaged with Jason Cochran (Part II)

Authentic Touch Points:

  • Are you causing the stress in your team?  2:00
  • Grounding queues to create a good mindset.  6:30
  • Finding your leading alter ego.  9:00
  • A constellation of mentors.  12:00
  • Valuable feedback comes from everyone in your life.  14:00
  • Are you offering psychological safety for your team?  17:00
  • Your employees are your first customers.  22:00

Jason devised the 4 Principles of Connection ™️ model (connecting with self, others, role, and organization) which is used to design impactful employee and leadership experiences throughout the employment lifecycle – addressing the innate needs for why people desire meaningful work in their lives. His passion is to help organizations build growth cultures where people elevate to their potential and organizations fulfill their missions in the world. 

As we move toward reopening workspaces and gathering again, I encourage leaders to reach out for guidance about presenting their authentic self to develop an improved workplace for everyone with less conflict as I offer executive coaching.   Click here to contact me at your convenience or click here to Chat with Roxanne!

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