Resolving Conflict as a Leader with Christi Scarrow

Resolving Conflict as a Leader with Roxanne Derhodge and Christi Scarrow

Quote: “I think there’s even more of a resistance to avoid difficult conversations, which I believe is actually an escalation to conflict.” Christi Scarrow

The definition of conflict is a struggle or clash of interest, opinion, or even principles, a difference that prevents agreement.  Conflict will always be found in society and isn’t going anywhere, so our best defence is to face it head-on, but many are intimidated by conflict and avoid it at all costs.  On this episode of Authentic Living with Roxanne, we welcome Accountability Expert Christi Scarrow to share some great ideas for leaders to resolve conflict in the workplace.

Christi has been helping individuals, teams, and organizations to make decisions for more than 20 years.   She is the author of the best-selling book Truth Warriors and is a consultant, trainer, speaker, and executive coach.  As a Partner at Lighthouse Nine Group, she offers consulting and training for multi-national clients and small businesses across many diverse industries.   Christi helps leaders be confident in their choices and is passionate about building a world based on truth. 

Listen to the podcast here: Resolving Conflict as a Leader with Christi Scarrow

Authentic Touch Points:

  • The numbers are staggering!  3:00
  • How biases fuel our perspective.  7:00
  • We’re all judgemental; it’s human nature.  12:00
  • Assumptions drive our beliefs.  15:30
  • Picking your battles.  19:00

Christi collaborates with her Lighthouse NINE colleagues to develop an in-depth fact-driven understanding of each client’s unique challenges and priorities. She is an innovative problem solver who coaches clients to implement the processes, tools and skillsets that drive action and achieve lasting results.

As we move toward reopening workspaces and gathering again, I encourage leaders to reach out for guidance about presenting their authentic self to develop an improved workplace for everyone with less conflict. I offer executive coaching to assist you in all aspects of leadership development.   

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