Resiliency Training and the ROR: Return On Relationships (Part 1) with Treena Reilkoff

Resiliency Training and the ROR: Return On Relationships with Roxanne Derhodge and Treena Reilkoff

Quote: “It’s human nature…conflict avoidance is easy. Conflict curiosity is kind of anxiety provoking because it’s the unknown.” Treena Reilkoff

When there is trauma in the workplace, it’s difficult to know how people will react and how it might affect them long-term. What can leaders do to assist their teams to heal? On this episode of Authentic Living with Roxanne, we’re excited to welcome Treena Reilkoff to share her knowledge about Resiliency Training and how it can help teams move forward after a traumatic event occurs.

This was such a great interview packed with so much interesting information about workplace conflict that we decided to turn it into a 2-part series. Be sure to tune in again next week for part II.

Treena is a Conflict Management & Resiliency Specialist, international author, and founder of TLR Solutions4Conflict Inc. As a Trauma Informed Mediator, Psychological Health & Safety Advisor, Workplace Fairness & Restoration Analyst and Resiliency Trainer/Facilitator, her passion is to support leaders, organizations, and businesses to become the architects of their conflict resilient workplace. Treena’s combined experience of over 25 years includes working in diverse, high-risk, and complex environments, within the fields of mental health, behavioural analysis, first responders (corrections and military/veterans), Critical Incident Stress Management, case management, disability management and social work. 

Watch the video here: Resiliency Training and the ROR: Return On Relationships with Treena Reilkoff

Listen to the podcast here: Resiliency Training and the ROR: Return On Relationships with Treena Reilkoff

Authentic Touch Points:

  • What is resilience? 2:00
  • Trauma in the workplace. 5:00
  • The after effect. 11:30
  • Tips for leaders. 17:30
  • Mitigating the psycho/social risks. 22:00

Treena understands the importance of wellness and risk mitigation within our workplaces; thus, she adapts her services to meet the client’s needs and desired outcomes with a holistic lens that incorporates cultural competency.  Treena spends her time travelling, creating memories, and becoming conflict curious, with outcomes geared towards transformational growth that supports building intergenerational conflict and trauma resiliency.

I encourage leaders to reach out for guidance about presenting their authentic selves to develop an improved workplace for everyone with less conflict, as I offer executive coaching.  Visit to schedule your complimentary discovery call now.

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