Leading Those with Invisible Disabilities with Jason Reid

Leading Those with Invisible Disabilities with Roxanne Derhodge and Jason Reid

Quote: “In lieu of actual information, people will create their own stories…that’s just human nature.” Jason Reid

Chronic illness and invisible disabilities are serious topics, and I think we all know someone who has been inflicted by one or the other. Government statistics show one in three working-aged adults has at least one chronic health condition, and that number is rising dramatically each year. On this episode of Authentic Living with Roxanne, we welcome Jason Reid to share his insight and advice on how leaders and team members can create a more understanding and inclusive environment for everyone.

Chronic illness and invisible disability are topics that Jason knows well. Despite having lived with Crohn’s disease and arthritis, Jason built an impressive career in network television as a writer, award-winning producer and executive. Now he shows audiences how to overcome adversity, succeed in the face of illness, and effectively manage people with chronic diseases in the workplace. 

Listen to the podcast here: Leading Those with Invisible Disabilities with Jason Reid

Authentic Touch Points:

  • You have no idea how many people are affected 1:30
  • Keep the conversation open and honest 6:00
  • Lead by building trust 9:00
  • Try to understand their reality 13:00
  • Don’t be afraid to share 16:30
  • Why neurodiversity can be a benefit 22:30
  • We need to be constantly learning 26:00

In addition to his own health challenges, Jason has successfully managed disability issues for many of his employees, doubling his department’s productivity through his innovative approach to accommodation. Jason is also the author of Thriving in the Age of Chronic Illness – A guide for people with chronic health conditions and the organizations that employ them. 

As we move toward reopening workspaces and gathering again, I encourage leaders to reach out for guidance about presenting their authentic self to develop an improved workplace for everyone with less conflict through executive coaching.   Click here to contact me at your convenience, or click here to Chat with Roxanne!

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Jason’s website
Thriving in the Age of Chronic Illness – Jason’s book
Jason’s LinkedIn profile
Roxanne’s LinkedIn profile
Roxanne’s email: roxanne@roxannederhodge.com

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