Helping Children Create Connection Through Storytelling with Lisa Caprelli

Helping Children Create Connection Through Storytelling with Roxanne Derhodge and Lisa Caprelli

Quote: “Do you want to be defined by that story if you did have struggle and trauma or do you want to be defined by now, what you’re going to create and put out into the world and what’s the legacy you’re going to leave behind?” Lisa Caprelli

The past couple of years have been tough on everyone, but children have had to learn to deal with the isolation and missing out on playing with friends, attending school in person and so many other issues. On this episode of Authentic Living with Roxanne, we welcome Lisa Caprelli to share her thoughts about how and why helping kids create connection is more important today than ever. And let’s face it, we could all use a little more playtime these days. 

Lisa is a speaker, songwriter and award-winning author of the unicorn book series, Unicorn Jazz. ™  Unicorn Jazz series offers social-emotional learning (empathy, kindness, love, belonging, believing in others, feelings and more).  Lisa is an author of 18 books and has produced music videos for kids. 

Watch the podcast here: Helping Children Create Connection Through Storytelling with Lisa Caprelli

Listen to the podcast here: Helping Children Create Connection Through Storytelling with Lisa Caprelli

Authentic Touch Points:

  • Finding purpose. 2:30
  • What’s your why? 7:30
  • The perspective of relationships. 11:30
  • Integrating back to school and work. 17:00
  • There is still fear. 23:00
  • Meet Unicorn Jazz! 25:00
  • Why do we have to stop playing? 31:00
  • Play equals creativity. 35:00

Lisa is the producer and director of Unicorn Jazz Presents The Thing I Do – a family show on Amazon TV.  Lisa was inspired by Sesame Street and with her kids’ multi-media brand of Unicorn Jazz – kids can send in their own video content, music and talent to be part of the show!  

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