Gender Parity and the ROR: Return On Relationships (Part 1) with Emily Nichols

Gender Parity and the ROR: Return On Relationships with Roxanne derhodge and Emily Nichols

Quote: “It starts with our words, but our words are then connected to those other concrete concerns that we can actually point to in the world.” Emily Nichols

Words shape our world. You know when someone says “Hey guys”, and they’re referring to a group of differently gendered people? Most of us don’t even notice, but in this day and age, we really do need to be more aware of the language we use to avoid excluding or offending anyone. On this episode of Authentic Living with Roxanne, we’re excited to welcome Emily Nichols to talk about her experience as a woman in engineering and how gender parity impacts the workplace.

This was such a great interview packed with so much interesting information about workplace conflict that we decided to turn it into a 2-part series. Be sure to tune in again next week for part II.

Speaking from the stage or the factory floor, Emily works with organizations that want to equip their technical teams with human skills, so they can be better problem solvers, team players, and leaders. A professional engineer with decades of experience in manufacturing, Emily easily connects at all levels of organizations, inspiring deeper understanding and collaborative teamwork. And she makes learning fun! 

Watch the video here: Gender Parity and the ROR: Return On Relationships with Emily Nichols

Listen to the podcast here: Gender Parity and the ROR: Return On Relationships with Emily Nichols

Authentic Touch Points

  • Emily’s TEDx Talk. 2:30
  • Farming Inspiration. 5:00
  • The impact of language. 9:00
  • Frustrating Assumptions. 17:00
  • What if we change our words? 21:00

Emily has a B.Sc. in Systems Engineering (University of Guelph) and an M.A.Sc. in Chemical Engineering (McMaster University). She summarized her master’s thesis in five Dr. Seuss rhymes. 

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