Tips on Making Each Employee a Leader with CEO, Shelley Butler

Shelley Butler

Leadership can be daunting and while becoming a great leader for your team is no easy task, going in with the right mindset will carry you a long way.  On this episode of Authentic Living with Roxanne, we welcome CEO, Shelley Butler who shares her story about how a small shift in thinking helped her to become the leader that she is today.

By title, Shelley is the newly minted CEO of Dovico!  She spreads a message of compassion, health and love like no other.  While her day-to-day work has her doing various operational tasks and making CEO-like decisions, her greatest work comes from ensuring that everyone has a stake in Dovico’s direction.

Listen to the podcast here:

Authentic Touch Points:

  • Shelley’s path to leadership.  1:30
  • Putting trust in and learning from your team.  6:30
  • The “Awakening”.  9:45
  • When does integrity begin?  17:00
  • Paving the way for new leaders by serving first.  20:30
  • Making the shift to servant leadership.  28:30
  • Put people where they find their joy.  34:30
  • Can we create a “new normal”?  40:00

In every great organization, there’s a powershifter—someone whose purpose is to transfer power from one person to another. Shelley is Dovico’s powershifter. But instead of taking power from one person and moving it to another, Shelley helps everyone she meets to see the power they have within, and she does it with nothing more than love, dignity and respect.

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