Roxanne has the gift of creating the space where people are able to get connected to their true Authentic Self.  In this space of connected relationships incredible things are achieved in the highest and best interest of all.

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Helping Children Create Connection Through Storytelling with Lisa Caprelli

May 18, 2022

Listen to hear Lisa Caprelli share her thoughts about how and why helping kids create connection is more important today than ever.

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Authentic Heart Leadership with Dr. Ron Stotts

May 11, 2022

Listen to hear Dr. Ron Stotts share his vast knowledge about creating a better relationship with ourselves and Authentic Heart Leadership!

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Stuttering to Stardom with Joze Pirianian

May 9, 2022

Listen to hear Joze Piranian share his story of stuttering and his journey of overcoming adversity and moving through to resiliency.

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Women of Culture Leading Authentically with Kanchan Prinsloo

Apr 30, 2022

Listen to hear Kanchan Prinsloo share ideas that can help people of culture to become more authentic leaders.

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The Meditation of Communication with Colleen Santini

Apr 21, 2022

Listen to hear Meditation Expert Colleen Santini share her ideas about how meditation can help provide a more productive environment for your team.

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Conflict Resolution – The 1 Superpower Needed Today with Penny Tremblay

Apr 18, 2022

Listen to hear our good friend and Workplace Relationships Expert Penny Tremblay discuss conflict resolution at work and home.

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How to Create Online Authenticity with Patricia Regier

Apr 8, 2022

Listen to hear Expert Facilitator Patricia Regier join us to share strategies about what it takes to create online authenticity.

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Authentic Leadership Through Recognition (Part II) with Sarah McVanel

Mar 23, 2022

Join me as I welcome back Canada’s Recognition Expert, Sarah McVanel to share her thoughts about ensuring your team is getting what they need to feel the gratitude they so richly deserve.

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Authentic Leadership Through Recognition with Sarah McVanel

Mar 16, 2022

Canada’s Recognition Expert, Sarah McVanel shares her thoughts about how recognition can help create a more authentic leader and provide a better connection to their team.

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