Roxanne has the gift of creating the space where people are able to get connected to their true Authentic Self.  In this space of connected relationships incredible things are achieved in the highest and best interest of all.

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Resolving Conflict as a Leader with Christi Scarrow

Nov 24, 2021

Listen to hear Christi Scarrow share some great ideas for leaders to resolve conflict in the workplace.

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Breaking Through the Glass Ceiling in Leadership with Priska Burkard

Nov 17, 2021

Listen to hear Priska Burkard discuss her experiences breaking through the glass ceiling and how she now helps others to achieve their goals.

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Creating a Culture of Resilience and Trust with Linda Fisk

Nov 10, 2021

Listen to hear Leadership Expert Linda Fisk discuss living your purpose successfully, and creating a culture of resilience and trust.

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Leading with Compassion and Empathy (Part II) with Wade Thomas

Nov 3, 2021

Listen as we welcome back for Part II, Leadership Expert Wade Thomas to share his ideas about incorporating compassion and empathy into your leadership approach.

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Leading with Compassion and Empathy with Wade Thomas

Oct 27, 2021

Wade Thomas shares his thoughts about how bringing compassion and empathy to the table will help everyone overcome the challenges that we are faced with. 

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How to be Authentically Connected to Yourself to Guide Your Career with Lindsay Gordon

Oct 20, 2021

Listen to hear Lindsay Gordon talk about how to guide your career and either leave the job you hate or how you can love it again.

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How Leaders Can Be More Effective Regarding Mental Health in the Workplace (Part II) with Bernie Dyme

Oct 13, 2021

Listen as we welcome back Bernie Dyme for Part II to share more great ideas to help leaders design a safe workspace to ensure their team will feel comfortable to discuss their mental health.

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How Leaders Can Be More Effective Regarding Mental Health in the Workplace with Bernie Dyme

Oct 6, 2021

Listen to Bernie Dyme share his thoughts regarding mental health services being utilized and helping leaders design a safe and mentally healthy workspace for their teams.

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Authentic Leadership Through Recognition Practices (Part II) with Sarah McVanel

Sep 29, 2021

Join me as I welcome back Canada’s Recognition Expert, Sarah McVanel to share her thoughts about ensuring your team is getting what they need to feel the gratitude they so richly deserve.

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