Roxanne has the gift of creating the space where people are able to get connected to their true Authentic Self.  In this space of connected relationships incredible things are achieved in the highest and best interest of all.

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Systemic Barriers and the ROR: Return On Relationships (Part 1) with Carolyn Treviño Jenkins

Jul 5, 2023

Carolyn Treviño Jenkins shares her lived experiences of different systemic barriers and how she has overcome adversity and created something wonderful to help others.

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ROR: Return On Relationships…The Book Launch with Roxanne Derhodge & Special Guests

Jun 28, 2023

I couldn’t be more excited to share with you the recording of my book launch for ROR: Return On Relationships. I have some very special guests who each gave their unique perspective on what ROR means to them. I hope you’ll listen and enjoy!

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Managing Change and the ROR: Return On Relationships with Mark Black

Jun 21, 2023

Listen to hear Mark Black share his story of embracing adversity and managing change, and talk about his brand-new book, The Resilience Roadmap.

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Organizational Agility and the ROR: Return On Relationships with Neha Chatwani

Jun 14, 2023

Neha Chatwani joins Roxanne to talk about organizational agility and share her ideas on leadership development that help to repair dysfunction and create cohesive teams.

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Resiliency Training and the ROR: Return On Relationships (Part 2) with Treena Reilkoff

Jun 7, 2023

We’re excited to welcome back Treena Reilkoff for Part II of her sharing her insights and ideas on resiliency training and how teams can be helped after a traumatic event occurs.
#leadershipcoaching #executivecoaching #resilience #trauma

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Resiliency Training and the ROR: Return On Relationships (Part 1) with Treena Reilkoff

May 31, 2023

Listen to hear Treena Reilkoff share her knowledge about Resiliency Training and how it can help teams move forward after a traumatic event occurs in the workplace.

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Humour, Culture and the ROR: Return On Relationships (Part 2) with Michael Kerr

May 24, 2023

Listen to hear even more great ideas about humor and how it can improve your workplace culture with Michael Kerr.

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Humour, Culture and the ROR: Return On Relationships with Michael Kerr

May 17, 2023

Listen to hear Hall of Fame speaker, Michael Kerr share his thoughts on how you can make yourself more approachable as a leader and show your team that work can be fun as well as productive.

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Connecting to Lead and the ROR: Return On Relationships (Part II) with Sabrina Shafer

May 10, 2023

Listen as we welcome back Sabrina Shafer for part 2 of her sharing her unique perspective on why connecting is essential to business and leadership.

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