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The Return On Relationships Course

A powerful new online course for female leaders wanting to develop and enhance their transformational leadership style.

ROR Return On Relationships

Roxanne Derhodge, M.Sc.ED., Forbes Business Council Member

Roxanne is a registered psychotherapist, corporate consultant, keynote speaker, trainer and author. With over 30 years’ experience, she works with senior leadership to enhance their leadership resilience.


Develop Your Authentic Leadership Style For More Resiliant Teams

Return on Relationships is a proven specific step by step system used by hundreds of successful leaders to build authentic and successful leadership sites.

The program consists of 7 steps that put you on your way to create great teams.

Be A Better and More Authentic Communicator

Understand the 3 levels of awareness

How To Eliminate Emotional Burn Out

Understand your psychological and emotional triggers.

Get More Connected To Your Self

Create more productive and innovative teams.

Discover the Stages of Leadership

Become an authentic leader

At The End Of This Program You'll Be Able To:

Measure Your AQL

Learn how to measure your Authentic Leadership Quotient and how it affects the way your lead.

Understand Core Blockers

Understand their core blocking beliefs and how their attachment style may be impeding their capacity to optimize their ability manage all types of personalties.

Be A Better Leader

Fully understand your Leadership Style. How do you come across when you’re authentic - versus being misaligned.

Connect With Your Team

Connected employees are a must for successful leaders in 2022. Find out how to create an authentic culture in your organization.

Effectively Deal With Stress

How underanding the difference between positive and negative stress effects your stress signature.

Create a Healthy Workplace

Apply the ROR+ culture process to create connection and creativity in your space.

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Who Is This Course For?

Leaders who want to increase their capacity to understand what it takes to be more authentically connected to them through a wide range of content and interactive exercises where they can practice their skills to improve their relationships around them.

ROR+ Online Course Curriculum: Steps to Maximize Your Return On Relationships

Participants will leave knowledgeable and equipped to effectively deal with awareness and what it takes to connect with their team.

They will have the capacity to build better relationships with their team and thrive in a healthier workplace.

Access to the online course and live classes start on July 18


Bonus One: Live Online Classes​

There will be 4 live coaching calls where all participants may send in questions prior to our meetings or bring live work scenarios to delve into.

Access to the course and live classes start on July 18


Bonus Two: Access To my ROR Support Group​

In a comfortable group setting you will be able to ask questions about the information in the course. Participants will be able to share their experiences and learn from each others applications of the concepts in the course.

Access to the course and live classes start on July 18

Bonus Three: PDF Workbooks, Online Exercises, & Checklists ​

Bonus Three: PDF Workbooks, Online Exercises, & Checklists

Access to the course and live classes start on July 18


What I'm getting in the ROR+ bonus offer.

I understand that I’m getting access to a Roxanne’s brand new Return On Relationships upcoming online course.

I also understand that as part of this prelaunch ROR+ course , I will receive:

I'm ready to invest in myself, change other people's lives and make a massive difference in my business.

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